James E Dees | Florida Man January 18

James E Dees Lets Out His Inner Child; Tags Bathrooms And Cars While Supporting Trump | January 18

Tallahassee: A pilot for Endeavor Air was arrested Friday after police say he tagged bathrooms, elevators and cars at the Tallahassee International Airport with racial slurs and messages supporting President Donald Trump.

According to reports, the graffiti the Tallahassee Police Department traced to James E. Dees included things like “#MAGA,” a nod to the president’s popularized slogan, “Send them all back” and multiple racial slurs directed at African-Americans and Hispanics.

His vandalism streak began just two days before Christmas in 2018.  Police point to 20 different instances of vandalism that they believe are connected to Dees. 

On Dec. 12, investigators believed they captured footage of the graffiti in progress. Dees, who at that time had only been identified as a pilot, entered the elevator in the airport’s parking lot at about 5 p.m. Dees was captured after a surveillance camera was hidden in an elevator at the airport following the spate of graffiti.

Police officers confronted him as he waited for his outbound flight. When he was told about the covert camera, he admitted he was behind the graffiti.

He confirmed he did the writing on vehicles in the parking lot, in the elevator and in the men’s bathroom, telling police he has been going through a “really rough time,” and has anger issues.

James E Dees is being charged with nine counts of criminal mischief.

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