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Harley Rivers Violette Was Arrested After Threatening To Blow Up Police Vehicle On Social Media | June 8

Harley Rivers Violette wanted justice for her friend who was killed during a chase with police. According to reports the officer assigned to the police car at the car wash was involved in a crash in 2013. It involved a man named Brandon Abercrombie who was fleeing from another Davie police officer.

Davie police said they were notified last year by a woman who saw two threatening videos and a picture on Violette’s Snapchat.

According to an arrest report, one video shows a Davie police car in the process of getting washed at University Car Wash at 5555 S. University Drive. The video zooms in on the vehicle’s unit number and Violette is heard in the video saying, “Should I blow it up guys? So about to blow this b**** up. Oh my God. I hate him so much,” the report stated.

Police said Violette then posted a photo of herself with the caption, “I knew this day was coming but I wasn’t ready for it all. I never saw this n**** before so I had no f***ing clue it was him. Weird enough I had a strong feeling it was so I checked the car number and signature and it was. I already broke down and it took everything in me not to say some f*** s*** to this scum. I really wasn’t ready for this. #LONGLIVEBRANDON.”

The woman’s friend Brandon Abercrombie was killed in the crash.

Harley Rivers Violette is facing charges of written threats to kill or do bodily injury.

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