Kevin David Duggan | Florida Man June 7

Kevin David Duggan Is Facing Charges After Not Giving Dog Water, Claims It’s From Jerusalem | June 7

Water is the foundation for life. Whether you’re a person or an animal, we need water in order to function properly. Florida man Kevin David Duggan didn’t get that memo.

Police received a call from Seminole Community Library about a call for an “unwanted person” Wednesday afternoon. Kevin David Duggan had a small dog with him and was approached by police. It was around 93 degrees outside and the dog was panting heavily.

Deputies say they asked Duggan if he wanted water to give to his dog and he said the dog didn’t need water because “she was from Jerusalem.”

After Duggan left with the dog, deputies say they received a call about him dragging the dog behind him on the leash. The witness said they stopped to give Duggan and the dog some water and Duggan took the water to drink some himself. 

Deputies caught up with and stopped Duggan and saw the dog was panting excessively and unable to stand on its own. He was arrested at the scene and is currently facing animal cruelty charges.

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