Florida Man May 29 David James Badamo

A Florida Man Was Arrested After Going On Rampage At Bar, Attempted To Escape Hospital

It’s like a scene straight out of a movie.

According to reports the man, David James Badamo, got into an argument with his estranged wife at a bar. She went to the bathroom where the man followed her, hitting her twice. He then shoved the woman head-first into a wall and kicked her as she was running away.

A bar employee told him to stop, prompting him to slap the worker in the head. The victim was able to lock herself in a closet but he managed to pry it open.

A bar patron was able to strike the man in the face twice in an attempt to get him to stop attacking the woman. Badamo suffered a bloody nose, but deputies say he stood back up and kept chasing the woman.

He threw ashtrays at the woman, missing her but striking top shelf liquor and drinking glasses. He caused approximately $2,000 in damage.

A bar patron was able to finally subdue the man until police arrived. He claimed self defense but was arrested. He was taken to Bayonet Point Medical Center to be medically cleared. While at the hospital he tried to run away from a deputy, who forced him to the ground.

Badamo was charged with aggravated domestic assault, domestic battery, criminal mischief, simple battery and resisting arrest without violence.

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