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A Florida Man Who Told Police His Name Is ‘Ben Dover’ Before Attempting To Flee Received A $500 Fine

Bart Simpson calling Moe the bar tender was one of the classic recurring parts of the Simpsons. Someone felt it was appropriate to try that in real life. To a cop.

A Florida man who police asked to leave a park identified himself as Ben Dover before giving the cop the finger.

According to reports the incident started when the man, Andrew Leighton, was being belligerent in a public park. A deputy got into a confrontation with the man while preparing to make him leave.

When asked what his name was Leighton replied “Ben Dover” before aggressively approaching the officer. The suspect ran away before being collared after a brief foot chase.

He was arrested for obstruction and resisting an officer. In a plea deal he was ordered to pay $500 in court fees and prosecution costs after he entered a no contest plea to a single misdemeanor.

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