Florida Man May 27 Scott Patrick Sorenson

A Florida Man Was Arrested After Leading Police On A Chase, Exceeding 140 mph

Sometimes I get road rage when I drive on the highway. Some people take things a bit too far.

A Florida man was arrested after leading police on a 140 mph chase where he crashed into 2 vehicles. According to reports a trooper was driving on State Road 20 in a 45 mph zone. He was passed on the right by a gray, 4-door BMW at more than 100 mph.

The trooper attempted to catch up to the BMW and watched as it repeatedly changed lanes without signaling. The car came within a few feet of an officer who was parked in a parking lane with their emergency lights on.

Police began to pursue the vehicle, which nearly collided with a dump truck and a van. A few minutes later the BMW driver, Scott Patrick Sorenson, struck 2 vehicles simultaneously.

The man repeatedly ignored orders while he appeared to be using his cellphone. He eventually had to be forcefully removed from the vehicle.

Sorenson’s pants were wet and smelled like urine as he resisted being put in the back of the police car. Troopers say he slurred his words and made several irrational statements. At one point saying the troopers weren’t officers but terrorists.

He’s facing multiple charges including aggravated fleeing with injury, DUI involving damage to property or another person, and reckless driving.