Florida Man May 28 Ryan Rauch

A Florida Man Jumped Out Of A Boat To Avoid Being Arrested, Bit Officer

Some criminals get creative when trying to avoid the law. Swimming is not a smart choice for a getaway.

A Florida man is facing several charges after officers say he jumped off a boat to resist being arrested by state wildlife officials.

According to reports the officers were trying to conduct a commercial fisheries inspection involving Ryan Rauch.

He refused to take his hand out of his commercial fishing slickers during the investigation. He was given several commands to do so for officer safety purposes. When the officers got on Rauch’s boat, they say he tensed up, pushed and resisted as they tried to remove his hand from his slickers.

Officers were able to put Rauch in handcuffs and get him into a law enforcement boat.

Rauch jumped out of the boat and into the water at some point while officers were bringing him to Gulfport Marina. One of the officers jumped into the water after him to try and get him back into the boat.

He’s facing a number of charges including resisting an officer with violence and resisting an officer without violence. There are additional charges for not having a wholesale license, not having a saltwater products license and not having a retail license.

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