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A Florida Man Had His House Raided Over $750 Bond, Is Planning To Sue

Bail bondsmen like Dog the Bounty Hunter have become popular over the past 10 years. It’s inspired many people to join in the hunt for people who have evaded sentencing.

A Florida man had his house stormed by bail enforcement agents over a $750 bond.

It’s not like the guy they were looking for was a murderer, he just didn’t appear for a traffic ticket. Bail enforcement agents were looking for Colas’s cousin Berlin Gabriel. He’s a fugitive who skipped bail after being arrested for driving with a suspended license.

Colas house was the bail-skipping defendant’s last known address, according to reports. The agents reportedly cited a Supreme Court opinion from 1872 which gives bail enforcement agents the right to gain access by force, if necessary, to the homes of defendants who skip bail.

Colas is heard in the footage telling the agents that Gabriel is not at the home. The agents insist on searching the premises anyways.

The man’s cousin wasn’t located at the home however Colas family has paid off his debt to the bail agency.