Florida Man May 27 Christopher Daniel Harris

A Florida Man Was Charged After Making Over 50 Calls To 911 About The Same Fake Incidents

Bart Simpson used prank phone calls to drive a bar tender crazy. It looks like this guy was trying to do the same thing.

A Florida man was arrested and charged after making more than 50 calls to two law enforcement agencies.

According to reports from June 13, 2017, through late May, dispatchers have received more than 40 calls to 911. The caller stated a man was hit by his wife, the victim was bleeding and needs help.

In each instance, the caller used different names and phone numbers. The calls were similar because the caller gives the same Umatilla address.

When deputies arrived at the Umatilla address, a couple said neither one of them was hurt or injured and there was no disturbance. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials were investigating more than 10 fraudulent calls.

Those calls were about illegal shooting at the same Umatilla address. FWC officials went to the residence and did not find any evidence of illegal shooting.

The deputy went to the Umatilla address with the recording and played it for the couple. They believed it to be their son. When the man, Christopher Daniel Harris, was found he denied making the calls at first.

Harris has an app on his phone that creates phone numbers through an internet service and those phone numbers can be used to call anyone.

He’s been charged with public order crimes and misuse of 911.