Florida Man May 18 Vladimir Altman

A Florida Man Pointed A Laser At A Police Helicopter, Is Arrested

With the number of people who get caught, why did this guy think he could get away?

A Florida man was arrested for shining a laser pointer at a police helicopter. According to police the helicopter flew over the Palms at Riviera Dunes Apartment building off of Haben Boulevard.

The pilot noticed that a laser was shining into the cockpit. He quickly spotted three people on a balcony and gave the location to dispatch. Within minutes, deputies arrived and 22-year-old Vladimir Altman was arrested.

Altman was surprised and claimed he didn’t know it was a sheriff’s helicopter.

“Its obvious that some people don’t stop and think about just what can happen by doing that,” said MCSO spokesman Randy Warren. Police say when a laser pointer hits a windshield, the glass diffuses the light. It can temporarily blind the pilot, potentially hurt the pilot’s eyesight and it could put the crew in danger.

Altman was charged with a felony. Not only could he face fines, he could face time in prison.