Florida Man May 10 Jim Ficken

A Florida Man Has Him Home In Foreclosure For Fines Over Uncut Grass

What a pain in the grass!

A Florida man is facing possible foreclosure of home in Dunedin after racking up thousands of dollars in fines. According to reports the man, Jim Ficken racked up more than $29,000 in fines because his grass exceeded the 10 inches the city allows.

Ficken, 69, is fighting back, suing the city over what he and his attorneys with the Institute for Justice call abusive and excessive fines.

He apparently amassed the fines during a 57-day period last summer while he was out of town settling his late mother’s estate. The man’s lawyer said he hired a friend to cut the grass during that time, but the friend passed away unexpectedly. The yard is now up to city code.

Ficken, who is retired and lives on a fixed income, was fined $500 per day, totaling nearly $30,000. He claims he wasn’t aware of the fines until they were already out of control.

There may be hope for Ficken. In February, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled the 8th Amendment prohibits cities from imposing excessive fines.

They’re prepared to take the case to the Supreme Court if necessary. But only time will tell how the city of Dunedin will handle those extra inches.