Florida Woman May 8 2019

A Florida Woman Was Arrested After Attempting To Grab A Police Officer’s Gun

A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly grabbing an officer’s gun during an investigation into a domestic disturbance.

The incident started when the woman, Latonya M. May, became intoxicated and began to throw things. She had scratched her partner’s right forearm, “causing blood to come to the surface.”

Police were called to the scene and that’s when May snapped. When the responding officer attempted to arrest the woman she became belligerent. She began striking him in the chest, scratched at his arms and grabbed at his firearm.

May attempted to pull it out of the gun holster, resulting in the felony disarming charge. Once in custody, May allegedly was yelling profanities as Deputy Castle placed her in his police car.

She’s facing charges of disarming law enforcement, domestic battery, intimidation, resisting law enforcement, battery and disorderly conduct.