Florida Man June 4 John Guevarra

John Guevarra Is Facing Charges After Being A Wise Guy, Covering Up License Plate To Avoid Paying Tolls

Movies like the Transporter, with Jason Statham, popularized flip style license plates. They allow you to hide or change your license plate as needed.

While it may work in the movies, it doesn’t carry over to real life.

A Florida man, John Guevarra, is facing charges after a deputy pulled him over after noticing that his license plate was obscured.

Gueverra tells the trooper the cover doesn’t work all the time. But it looks to have functioned properly for the trooper as he uses the remote. The officer was not amused. The Florida Highway Patrol says that it is stealing. “You’re stealing money from the state,” said Kim Montes of the FHP.

He’s currently facing a charge of cheating or gross fraud. 

According to reports, more than 100,000 tickets are issued every year for people who attempt to obscure their license plate. Owning the mechanism to cover a license plate isn’t illegal, but placing it on your car with your tags blocked is, especially on the road. 

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