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Florida Man Says Woman At Gym ‘Liked It’ When He Masturbated | June 5 Arthur L. Disbrow

People go to the gym for different reasons including losing weight, looking great and even hooking up. Watching other people masturbate is usually not on the list, unless you’re Arthur L. Disbrow.

A Florida man was arrested for allegedly masturbating in public while watching a woman work out at a gym in Titusville, Florida.

According to reports Disbrow was at gym in the early hours of the morning. He was sitting on a block, staring at a woman and masturbating. Police were called to the scene after being called by members of the gym.

When they arrived Disbrow apparently told police that he was smoking crack while using a vibrator on himself. He claimed that he believed the woman was freaky and “liked to watch.”

He was charged with possession of a crack pipe, exposure of sexual organs, and stalking which are all first degree misdemeanors.

While gyms are a place where people like to care for their bodies, don’t pull a Louie CK and whip out your junk in front of unsuspecting people.

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