February 25

Florida man arrested for allegedly throwing cookie at girlfriend

Florida Man Challenge February 25

What a cookie monster. A Florida man was arrested after his girlfriend called police for throwing a cookie at her.

The man, Wade Smith, was arrested after police were called to the home that he shares with his girlfriend. The girlfriend reportedly told deputies that Smith threw a hard piece of cookie that hit her in the forehead.

While their relationship my now be crumbling one thing is for sure, the man may be facing charges of assault with a delicious weapon.

In Other News

Florida man appears to vape his buddies cum

A Florida man may have purposely vaped his friends ejaculate.

A video posted online shows that man use a vaporizer to vape what appears to be his friends cum. The man apparently took the bet after friends promised to pay the man $68.

While the video has since been taken down here are some stills from the original video.

Florida man vapes friends cum