David Ashworth | Florida Man August 6

David Ashworth Didn’t Like That Hotel Manager Made His Girlfriend Cry; Emails Hotel And News Stations That The Manager Will Die | August 6

Sarasota: A Florida man was arrested after he allegedly threatened to kill a hotel manager. According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, David Ashworth sent an email to a local news station in Tampa regarding his recent experience at a hotel located in Venice, Fla.

In the email, he allegedly used racial slurs directed at the African-American male hotel manager. Ashworth also threatened the manager’s life.

Ashworth wrote in an email to local stations, including FOX 13, that the unnamed hotel “double charged his credit cards and kicks people out.”

Ashworth, using an email address that belonged to his girlfriend, alleged that the manager ripped him off, and added that “when I take the manager out you will say I’m the bad guy.”

He allegedly added in the email, “I am taking him out next week when I say that you all don’t understand… He made my girl cry now I must make him die.”

David Ashworth apparently admitted to the accusations and is now being charged with written threats to kill.

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