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December 2

Florida Man Challenge December 2 How can you tell if a potato is undercooked? Stick your fork in the person’s head that’s complaining about it. That’s what this Florida Man did when he couldn’t dispute it any further. Read the full story here BONUS ARTICLE ALERT!!! A Florida Man attempted to rob a Hyundai dealership. […]

December 4

Florida Man Challenge December 4 We all know school is horrible, the late nights, constant homework, and those dreadful finals. This Florida Man couldn’t take it and tweeted, “Bey I gern f—ing kill dis professor bey this is my confession to a premeditated murder”. Who’s Bey and why are you telling the world you want […]

December 5

Florida Man Challenge December 5 When Tinder doesn’t work, I guess Craigslist is the next best option. This Florida Man tricked men into thinking he was a woman online, then blindfolding them and giving them oral sex, sometimes dressed as a housewife. But you’re not gay if you’re getting it done to you, right? Read […]

December 9

Florida Man Challenge December 9 What a better place to steal someone’s purse than outside a McDonald’s, and from an old lady! Who does this? None other than Florida Man! After this dick snatched her purse, she ran after him, opening the door. He ended up running her over. Good thing all those people that […]

December 10

Florida Man Challenge December 10 There’s no better way to secure a job than to steal from said job right after an interview. This Florida Man did just that. After doing his interview, he went to the shoe department and found some without tags. Funny thing is, they weren’t men’s shoes he was after. Read […]

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