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Carlos Hernandez Had A Friend Who Won $2,500 On A Scratch Lottery Ticket, Tells Him He’ll Cash It Since He’s An Illegal; Stabs Him When He Refuses | July 31

Greenacres: A Greenacres man was stabbed after police say he won $2,500 in a scratch-off lottery ticket. The man, Carlos Hernandez, was driving Jose Moran-Trejo home from work. They stopped at a gas station, where Moran-Trejo bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and Hernandez bought beer.

While the two were in the car, Moran-Trejo told Hernandez he won $2,500. Hernandez told him that he would cash the ticket since Moran-Trejo was in the country illegally.

Moran-Trejo denied. That’s when police said Hernandez went to the back of the truck to urinate because he drank three bottles of beer during the drive. Hernandez then allegedly stabbed Moran-Trejo three times in the neck. Moran-Trejo escaped the attack.

Police said that Hernandez then called police to report that he was the victim of an assault. Hernandez told police that he pulled off to the side of the road to urinate, and that’s when Moran-Trejo pushed him.

They began to fight and Moran-Trejo pulled a knife, but somehow managed to stab himself and not Hernandez.

Police arrested Carlos Hernandez and charged him with robbery with a deadly weapon.

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