Aurelio Moises Mas Pratts | Florida Man August 26

Aurelio Moises Mas Pratts Uses False ID’s An Stolen Credit Cards To Purchase Over $55,000 Worth Of Merchandise | August 26

Ocala: Florida man Aurelio Moises Mas Pratts was arrested after allegedly defrauding several businesses out of nearly $55,000 worth of merchandise.

When Prats was arrested by Ocala police officials on Aug. 2, he had a counterfeit Florida driver’s license and a state benefits card. The names on the identifications were different.

Detective Mark Proco requested Prats to be held on no bond as further charges are pending against him. Proco also wants Prats to be held on no bond because he believes Prats is a flight risk and has the ability to create false identifications and documents.

Prats used compromised credit cards at various local businesses between June and July to buy goods that were loaded on a U-Haul rental vehicle and then transported to a storage facility.

Employees who processed the cards were unaware the cards were compromised until they received notices that the reported card owners were disputing the charges.

In one fraudulent transaction Prats paid more than $13,000 for a Cummins Overhaul Kit and a Platinum engine overhaul.

In another Prats bought 20 semi-truck parts from Freightliner of Ocala with multiple counterfeit credit cards for more than $18,000.

Aurelio Moises Mas Prats faces multiple charges of grand theft, a charge of fraudulent use of credit cards to obtain goods and unlawful possession of a counterfeit driver’s license.

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