Jonathan Edward Blaine | Florida Man January 14

Jonathan Edward Blaine Purposely Hits Motorcycle Rider, Shows Police Dash Footage; Fights Them | January 14

Pinellas County: The Florida Highway Patrol has arrested a Pinellas County man who they say intentionally hit a motorcyclist, then fought with troopers who were taking him in to custody. Jonathan Edward Blaine, 35, of Palm Harbor, faces multiple felonies in connection with the incident, which occurred Thursday in the area of Lake St. George and Langstaff drives in Palm Harbor.

According to reports police were called at about 2:15 p.m. to what was at first believed to be a vehicle accident. The call indicated people involved in the crash were arguing.

Troopers arrived and started speaking with Blaine. He told them that he was traveling south on Lake St. George when he saw a speeding motorcycle coming up behind him. Blaine said the motorcycle then hit his vehicle.

But there was a dash cam and Blaine voluntarily let troopers see it. The footage shows where you can see the defendant is driving straight without any side to side movements then one sudden swift jerk of the vehicle to the left and the impact with the victim.

Troopers noted the motorcyclist was injured and wished to prosecute. The motorcyclist’s name was redacted from arrest reports.

As troopers tried to arrest Blaine, he fought with them. Troopers took him to the ground, but Blaine “continued to fight for an extended time” until Pinellas sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene and helped get him under control.

Jonathan Edward Blaine Blaine faces charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon in connection with the incident with the motorcycle; and charges of resisting arrest with violence, battery on a law enforcement officer and escape in connection with the fight with troopers.

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