William Bastin | Florida Man January 23

William Bastin tries to break into woman’s car; says Google told him it was ok | January 23

Lady Lake: A registered sex offender in Florida was arrested earlier this month for allegedly trying to climb into a woman’s car then telling police Google gave him permission to do what he wants. William Bastin, 38, screamed “let me in” at a busy intersection in Orange County, Fla., before trying to force his way into the victim’s locked car as she waited at a stoplight.

Police were called to the scene and when they arrived Bastin told them that Google told him “it was his day and he could have anything he wanted without paying.”

William Bastin was released on bond following that incident but in a strange twist was arrested again Tuesday for acting erratically and screaming at Walmart workers.

Charges are currently pending against Bastin.

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