Kaynesha Rhodes | Florida Woman August 15

Kaynesha Rhodes Pulled Out A Gun, Then Struck A Man With A Baseball Bat Before Biting Off Part Of A Child’s Finger | August 15

Brandon: Florida woman Kaynesha Rhodes who was being arrested for hitting a man with a baseball bat and biting off part of a child’s finger apparently died before police could arrest her.

Deputies said that, just after 11 p.m. Tuesday, they answered a call about a domestic-related assault involving a gun at an apartment on S Parsons Avenue.

When they arrived, deputies said Rhodes was being restrained by someone inside the apartment but Rhodes was no longer actively resisting. Deputies said they placed Rhodes in handcuffs to prevent further violence and awaited EMS, which had already been called to treat the victims.

While talking with two people on scene, deputies said they learned that Rhodes had once lived at the apartment. She came over that night with a firearm and pointed it at two people inside.

The two tried to leave the apartment, but Rhodes locked the door and would not let them leave.

Rhodes put the firearm on the counter and picked up a baseball bat. She hit one person in the head. At some point during the altercation, Rhodes also physically assaulted a child, biting off part of the juvenile’s finger. A neighbor heard the commotion and called 911.

While speaking with the witnesses, deputies turned their attention back to Rhodes, who was breathing but appeared unresponsive. They redirected EMS from the victims to Rhodes, who was taken across the street, less than one mile away from the apartment complex, to Brandon Regional Hospital.

Once Hillsborough County Fire Rescue arrived at the hospital, hospital staff continued medical treatment, but ultimately. Rhodes was pronounced dead.

No one at the apartment is facing any charges in connection with this incident. Had Kaynesha Rhodes not been pronounced dead, she would be facing several felony charges including Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon, Aggravated Assault with a Firearm, and False Imprisonment.

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