Florida Woman May 16 Katie Gottlich

A Florida Woman Was Arrested After Hitting A Man For Fishing Too Much

Is there such a thing as too much fishing? According to one woman, there is.

A Florida woman was arrested after she hit her spouse with a kitchen pot because he was fishing too much.

Police were called to their home after an altercation broke out between the couple. According to reports the woman, Katie Gottlich, got into an argument with the man for not being around enough to help with their child. The victim told deputies he had been out fishing the past couple of days. 

At some point during the argument, Gottlich threw a pot at the victim while he wasn’t looking and hit him in the head. The arrest report says Gottlich then took off running.

When deputies spoke with Gottlich, they say she denied throwing anything at the victim or putting her hands on him.

She’s currently facing a charge of domestic battery.