Florida Man May 25 Dean Colin

A Florida Man Was Arrested After Being Accused Of Stealing Over $750,000 From ATMs

You’ve got to give credit where credit is due. If only this guy had applied himself to something different.

A Florida man has been accused of fraudulently withdrawing as much as $750,000 out of bank ATMs in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

According to reports the man, Dean Colin, was trying to put numerous cards into an ATM machine at a bank. Staff were suspicious of the man and called police.

He matched the description of a man who was stealing money out of several ATMs in recent days. Apparently Colin had taken nearly $70,000 out of the same ATM on Wednesday night, as well as more than $15,000 last week.

Warwick police had issued an alert for the suspect after he took nearly $50,000 out of a Santander ATM there on Thursday.

Colin somehow obtained credit card numbers and transferred the digital information onto the magnetic strips of other bank cards and gift cards. He then used those cards to withdraw the cash.

The man was arrested and released to the custody of secret service agents.