Florida Man May 16 Brandon Herman

A Florida Man Was Arrested After Handing Over 2 IDs And Credit Cards To Compare Them To His Own

Sometimes people do things that make you say, WTF?

A Florida man was asked to show ID and handed the deputy two IDs and multiple credit cards. One of the IDs and the credit cards weren’t his.

The incident started when the man, Brandon Herman, was outside a local business that was closed. He was charging his cell phone from an outside outlet.

A deputy approached the man and that’s when he handed over the stolen cards. He asked Herman if he had anything else on him, who said he did not.

Herman allowed the deputy to search his backpack, according to the affidavit, and the deputy found multiple checks that belonged to other victims. 

He’s currently facing charges including giving a false ID to a law enforcement officer and more. This isn’t his first time giving police a fake ID. Herman was charged in 2014 with a similar offense along with multiple violations of probation.