Florida Man June 2 Albert Jaques

Albert Jaques Was Arrested And Is Facing Charges After He Scratched A Victim With A Knife

A Self proclaimed “knife man” was arrested outside a Dollar Mart after an altercation with two victims. According to reports the man, Albert Jaques, was walking through the Dollar Mart when a victim recognized him as a man who may be wanted by police.

The victim went to flag down a deputy to alert them to the presence of Jaques, who she suspects was involved in a crime. She was unable to do so and went back into the store with Victim two.

Jacques was upset and knocked the victim’s bicycles down. The second victim left the store to confront the man who claimed he did so because they were “snitches.”

They began pushing each other when Jacques pulled out a pocket knife. He t then attempted to stab the first victim. She pulled out a can of mace and sprayed him in the face.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they took photos of slight red marks on the first victim and arrested Jaques.

He’s currently facing charges of aggravated battery by person using a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with intent to kill.

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