David Kunz | Florida Man September 5

David Kunz Threatened Patrons At Rib City Before Jumping In River, Gets Caught By Police Practicing His Breast Stroke | September 5

Fort Myers: What started out as a nice day for patrons eating at Rib City in North Fort Myers ended with the arrest of Florida Man David Kunz.

According to reports, the Kunz was at Rib City when he became involved in an altercation with a few of the restaurant patrons. He began threatening the patrons which led to police being called.

Police arrived on scene and Kunz took one look at them before jumping into the Caloosahatchee River. Shortly after he jumped in the Lee County Sheriff’s Office was called.

They used infrared technology to search for the man.

When he was finally found police found him practicing his breast and butterfly stroke.

David Kunz was rescued by the Fort Myers Fire Department and arrested for obstruction without violence, loitering and prowling.

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