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Melinda Britt Disbrow | Florida Man January 3

Florida man January 3 - Melinda Britt Disbrow

Melinda Britt Disbrow Sells Manatee Shaped Chicken Nugget For $5,000 | January 3 Riverview: Marketplaces like Kijiji and Craigslist can be a gold mine for people selling weird shit. Florida woman Melinda Britt Disbrow took that to the next level when she decided to sell a manatee-shaped chicken tender for $5K on Facebook Marketplace. Posted […]

November 1

Florida Man Challenge November 1 You’re not a real badass unless you’re like this Florida Man barging into peoples homes wanting to fight them. A few things you need before you go out: 1-be drunk, 2-be shirtless, 3-winning attitude. He went around, hitting anyone he could to start fights, ended up grabbing a slice of […]

November 3

Florida Man Challenge November 3 I feel like in a time like today, people should be branded or tattooed with an “I have HIV” mark. Something to keep this Florida Man at bay. He won’t have such a positive attitude when he’s in prison. Be careful ladies, guys aren’t worth this! Read the full story […]

November 4

Florida Man Challenge November 4 In Florida, there’s always something to do. This is something you shouldn’t. Florida Man slowly driving, creeping along in the nude with some weird device attached to his penis. Probably trying to connect to anything in the future that’d be with him. Read the full story here

November 7

Florida Man Challenge November 7 This is a tradition that has been kept up since childhood. The Florida Man must consistently prove he is better than all others. Every year, he must fight one of these beasts to let other’s know they must also prove themselves to be a true Floridian. Read the full story […]

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