Carlos Suarez | Florida Man January 6

Carlos Suarez Gets Arrested After Pulling Out Genitals While Swearing At Police | January 6

Englewood: A man was tased and arrested after cursing at deputies while stark naked. Charlotte County deputies received several calls and online tips on Saturday about a man screaming at the top of his lungs in his underwear and waking the neighbors. They found Carlos Suarez, 32, standing in the driveway and screaming profanities as they approached. 

Suarez kept darting into his home and back out to yell at the deputies. Finally, he walked outside slinging his genitals.

Deputies told him he was under arrest, and he once again tried to run inside. Police were eventually able to tase the man. Carlos Suarez was arrested for exposing himself, breaching the peace and resisting law enforcement officers without violence.

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