Antoine McDonald | Florida Man January 23

Antoine McDonald, who once saved woman while dressed as bunny, pulls I’m the bunny card and gets arrested| January 23

Alamonte Springs: A man made famous by wearing a bunny suit and fighting a man in downtown Orlando has been arrested in connection with a hit-and-run in Altamonte Springs. Antoine McDonald made national headlines for allegedly defending a woman in a viral video while he was wearing a bunny costume.

According to reports, McDonald drove a motorcycle up a yard and destroyed a carport to a home. The homeowner, Arthur Theurer, said McDonald ditched his bike and left a shoe behind.

His carport collapsed on top of his truck, causing him thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. McDonald did not stop at a stop sign and smashed into Theurer’s carport on Dogwood Street. A neighbor reportedly spotted the motorcycle driver limping away.

Investigators went to McDonald’s house, which is a few blocks away, and spotted a car leaving the driveway. An arrest report says McDonald was lying in the back seat of the car in an Easter bunny costume and appeared to be alive. Florida Highway Patrol troopers said McDonald scraped his leg and cut his ribs during the motorcycle crash.

McDonald told investigators: “I wasn’t in any crash. I’m the Orlando Easter bunny, Google it.”

Antoine McDonald is now facing hit-and-run and driving without a license charges.

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