Aliyah Gloria Lelievre | Florida Woman September 3

Aliyah Gloria Lelievre Gets Caught On Video Stealing Wine From Walgreens, Flees Home, Mother Says She’s “Not Surprised” | September 3

Ocala: What started out as a visit to a local Walgreens ended up with Florida woman Aliyah Gloria Lelievre in jail.

According to reports, police were called to the Walgreens at 89 Midway Road in Ocala. The store’s manager reported that a woman, later identified as Lelievre, had parked her silver Nissan Altima at the front door and entered the business.

He said she went to the wine aisle shortly after 11:30 a.m. and grabbed two bottles of Apothic Inferno valued at $14.99 per bottle and a bottle of Korbel champagne, which was valued at $42.97.

The manager showed the deputy surveillance video footage of the incident and he reported seeing Lelievre, wearing a pink bandana, large sunglasses, black pants and a floral blouse, walk into the store and head for the wine aisle.

A short time later the footage shows Lelievre exiting the business with the items as the manager, an employee and several customers tried to get her to stop. But she proceeded to her vehicle and drove away.

The manager said when she was approached, she just “smirked and laughed.”

After running the vehicle’s tag number, the deputy went to Lelievre’s house and spoke with her and her mother. The deputy noted that Lelievre’s mother say she wasn’t surprised and said she had noticed two bottles of wine in the kitchen that she didn’t recognize.

Aliyah Gloria Lelievre was arrested without incident and charged with petite theft.

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