January 9

Florida Man Resigns After Sending Toy Bomb to Colleage, Man was a Deputy Florida Man Challenge January 9 A Florida man who was a local Deputy has resigned after sending a colleague a toy bomb. Apparently sent as a joke, itled to an evacuation at an administration building. The victim, Lt. Joseph Gerretz, received a […]

January 8

Florida Man Accused of Car Jacking Uber Driver Florida Man Challenge January 8 A 28 year old Florida man is in jail, accused of carjacking an Uber driver at gunpoint. Damon Miller is facing a number of charges including: carjacking with a firearm, aggravated assault with a firearm, tampering with a witness to hinder communication […]

January 7

Florida Man Claims Syringes Found in Rectum Aren’t His Florida Man Challenge January 7 A Florida man that was strip searched was discovered to have syringes in his rectum. The man denied that the syringes were his. Wesley Scott was arrested because of an outstanding warrant for drug possession at the time. He claimed that […]

January 6

Florida man in custody after he called police to report he was driving drunk Florida Man Challenge January 6 A Florida man is in custody after he called police and said he wanted to report himself driving drunk. Michael Lester told the 911 operator that he was “too drunk” and he was “driving around, trying […]

January 5

Florida man put lizard in mouth, smacked employees with critter in attack Florida Man Challenge January 5 A Florida man, who owns a reptile store is behind bars after he smacked employees with a bearded dragon lizard and even put it in his mouth during a bizarre attack, police said. The man, Benjamin Herman Siegel, […]

January 3

Florida man attacks McDonald’s Employee for Not Giving Him a Straw Florida Man Challenge January 3 A Florida man spent New Year’s day in a jail cell after police say he attacked a McDonald’s employee for not giving him a straw. Yasmine James was behind the counter of the McDonald’s when Daniel Taylor forcefully grabbed […]

January 20

Florida man vacationing finds hidden cameras in his Airbnb Florida Man Challenge January 20 What happens when you rent an Airbnb and think something is fishy about that alarm clock? A Florida man rented an airbnb and was appalled to find out that he was being secretly recorded. Police are investigating after the man found […]

January 18

Florida man destroys wasp nest with his bare hands Florida Man Challenge January 18 What do you do when you see a wasp? Flail your arms? A Florida man doesn’t have that reflex. He recorded himself taking out an entire nest of the stinging insects with nothing more than his bare hands. The man, originally […]

January 17

Florida man promised officers he would turn himself in when he was finished with his job Florida Man Challenge January 17 Man has an active arrest warrant. And wants to outsmart cops. What’s the best thing to do? Leave a note of course! A Florida man promised police officers that he would turn himself in […]

January 13

Florida man accused of threatening to kill someone with kindness, his machete Florida Man Challenge January 13 A Florida man fighting with neighbors vowed to “kill ’em with kindness” and then attempted to do just that — with a machete bearing the name “kindness.” Bryan Stewart, of Milton, was arrested on Thursday for an incident […]