Zavier Askew | Florida Man June 20

Zavier Askew Is Facing Charges After Police Discovered Weed In His Car, He Jumped Back In And Dragged A Deputy | June 20

Orlando: If you’ve ever been pulled over by police before you’ve probably had that feeling in your gut. The oh shit, this isn’t good. While most of us have that feeling for no reason, Florida man Zavier Askew did have a reason to worry; he had weed in his vehicle.

Police said the man, Zavier Askew, was originally stopped for having an expired tag. He apparently also had a broken passenger side window that was taped up.

The officer searched inside the vehicle and found marijuana, asking Askew to step out. The body camera video shows Askew running back to jump in the driver’s seat as the officer tries to stop him.

Askew makes a run for it, jumping into the driver’s seat and flooring it. According to the arrest affidavit, the top-half of the officer’s body was inside the car.  He used one arm to hang on and the other to stop the suspect.  At one point, the report states, the officer even tried biting the suspect, but Askew kept going. 

The vehicle hit high speeds and the chase ended when Askew traveled down a dead-end road and hit another car.

Askew was arrested and is currently facing charges including attempted murder.

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