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Yesenia Casiano Got Into An Argument With Her Baby Daddy, Kicks Him In Stomach, Bites Off Part Of His Thumb; Is Currently On The Run | July 30

Lutz: Arguments between family members happen. While most people can control their tempers, Florida woman Yesenia Casiano could not.

The 39-year-old Lutz woman is being sought by deputies after being accused of getting into an argument with the father of her child and biting off part of his thumb.

The incident started when the woman got into an argument with the father of her children.

Casiano allegedly struck the father of her children with open and closed fists, kicked him in the stomach and bit off part of his thumb. Casiano’s children witnessed the fight and pointed out the piece of the thumb on the floor to deputies.

The man fled to Suncoast Emergency Care for treatment. Casiano left in a black Ford van with the tag IHMM70 before deputies arrived. Her whereabouts are unknown.

Yesenia Casiano and her boyfriend were living together and had one child in common. The other children belonged to Casiano from another relationship.

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