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Florida Man June 11 William Montanez

William Montanez Went To Jail For 44 Days For Refusing To Unlock iPhone for Police Despite Court Order | June 11

Tampa: It’s my phone and I do what I want. Florida man William Montanez went to jail for 44 days after refusing to unlock his iPhone following a traffic stop.

According to reports, William Montanez was pulled over by police in Tampa, Florida and questioned over his possession of marijuana. He had previously been pulled over over similar matters in the past. Montanez confirmed his usage and did not attempt to hide the drug in the vehicle, resulting in his arrest for possession of marijuana.

At the time of his arrest two iPhones were seized, and a text message appeared on one lock screen stating “OMG, did they find it?” The police demanded the passcodes, advising they were intending to obtain a warrant to search, but Montanez declined to do so.

A deputy served a warrant to Montanez for the passcodes five days later. Montanez refused again, prompting prosecutors to convince a judge he was in contempt of court and being put in jail a second time.

Montanez spent 44 days before the charges relating to the oil and firearm were dropped, and the contempt order was voided. Eventually, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for pot.

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