Victor Blanchart | Florida Man June 17

Victor Blanchart Walked Into A Bank To Cash A Fraudulent Check, A Sharp Eyed Teller Had The Police Called | June 17

The Villages: It’s the end of the month and you’re tight on rent, what do you do? It’s a situation that a number of people find themselves in every month. While most would go to friends or family, Florida man Victor Blanchart had another idea.

According to reports Victor Blanchart was arrested after he tried to cash a bogus check at the Community Bank & Trust of Florida branch on Parr Drive in The Villages. The man walked into the bank in an attempt to cash the check however a sharp eyed teller could tell that something was wrong.

The teller contacted the manager who looked at the check and then called police.

Lady Lake police were notified by Citizens First Bank about a fraudulent $982.48 check which had been cashed in May at the Spanish Springs branch. A warrant was issued and served to Blanchart at the jail in Sumter County. He also has been linked to other forgery cases involving Citizens First Bank branches in Sumter County.

Blanchart was arrested and is currently facing charges of fraud.

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