Tyler Matthew Smith | Florida Man September 4

Florida man September 4 Tyler Matthew Smith

Tyler Matthew Smith Broke Into Woman’s Home, Starts To Use Swiffer To Clean Up Mess But Is Arrested Before He Can Finish Cleaning | September 4

Pensacole: Florida man Tyler Matthew Smith was arrested after police were called to a home for a break-in in progress.

According to reports, police responded to an active burglary on Toni Street in Pensacola. The woman who made the call had barricaded herself in a back bedroom and said she did not know the man.

When police arrived on the scene they found Smith still in the apartment when they arrived, holding a Swiffer used to clean floors. Police also found a dustpan with glass in it — the glass that police say Smith broke to gain entry into the residence.

“It appeared Smith had attempted to clean up the mess,” police said in the report.

Smith’s mother later told police he suffers from PTSD and a traumatic brain injury, and he was likely looking for his uncle’s house.

Tyler Matthew Smith was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and burglary.

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