Trisha Dunavant | Florida Woman June 6

Trisha Dunavant Is Praised For Her Maternal Instincts After Video Surfaces Of Her And Her Pet Trash Panda | June 6

An owner of an unusual pet took to social media to clear something up.

The Florida woman, Trisha Dunavant, commented on a video that showed a raccoon hanging out the driver’s side window. “Look what she holding!” says a woman off camera laughing.

The original video was shot by Savannah Jade.

The camera zeroes in on the little guy, who looks perfectly content, its paws resting on the car door. Jade and her friend can be heard laughing hysterically in the background.

“Just to let everyone know that was me in that car and the famous raccoon’s name is Hank Williams,” said Trisha Dunavant. “I rescued him at two weeks old after he fell out of a tree and momma left him and he thinks he’s a dog and is best friends with my 100 pound pit bull. He just had his 1st birthday.”

People seemed to be torn on the subject with many commenters being amused by the sight. There were people who commended the raccoon owner over her maternal instincts.

There were some who didn’t seem surprised that such an event would happen in Florida. The sunshine state was described as “being wack” and how it’s “not surprising at all.”

Good luck little trash panda. Good luck.

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