Travis Weyneth | Florida Man June 19

Florida Man June 19 Travis Weyneth

Hickory Dickory Dock, Travis Weyneth Is Facing Charges After Standing In Front Of Hotel Window, And Pulling Out His Cock | June 19

Cape Cod, Massachusetts: It’s said that when men get an erection, all of the blood goes from the decision making part of their brain to their.. appendage. That must have been the case here. Florida man Travis Weyneth was arrested for allegedly masturbating in the window of his motel room in front of other guests.

A number of guests told staff at the motel they had seen a naked man standing up against the window of his room. The exposed man was looking at people passing by his room as he pleasured himself, the guests claimed. It is not clear how many individuals complained about seeing the man, or what they witnessed.

When Dennis Police Department officers arrived at the motel, the man identified as Travis Weyneth would not open the door to his motel room. Police were forced to open the door and were met with the verbally combative man.

Weyneth did not follow their orders as they attempted to handcuff him so officers had to use a stun gun on the suspect.

He was charged with open and gross lewdness and resisting arrest.

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