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Thomas Shea Stiles, Nicknamed Shea Butter, Gets Arrested After Selling Undercover Cop Fake ID Through Snap Chat | October 17

Orlando: Florida teenager Thomas Shea Stiles was arrested by police after using a Snap Chat account to sell fake ID’s. He was busted when police set up a sting using an undercover female officer.

Police said the investigation began Sept. 29 when they received an anonymous tip that Stiles, 18, was selling fake IDs through his Snapchat account with username Shea Butter. An undercover officer posing as an 18-year-old freshman contacted Stiles through Snapchat asking for a fake ID for her and her friends so they could go downtown.

Stiles and the officer exchanged messages through the social media application during which the undercover officer gave Stiles a photo and other information necessary to make an ID. They also spoke about how to send payment.

The two eventually agreed to meet on campus Tuesday morning. Stiles told the woman what he was wearing so she could find him as they planned to meet outside his dorm room.

The man was arrested when he arrived at the predetermined spot. During a search, police said they found a prescription pill bottle with a woman’s name on it that contained a Vynase pill and two methylphenidate hydrochloride pills. Both medications are used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Thomas Shea Stiles was arrested on charges of selling or manufacturing a fake ID, scheme to defraud, possession of a prescription medication without a prescription and possession of a controlled substance.

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