Terry Leon Simmons | Florida Man June 13

Terry Leon Simmons Was Arrested After Selling Crack Cocaine To Undercover Cop, While Wearing “Coke” Shirt | June 13

Fort Pierce: Maybe it’s ironic, maybe it was stupidity. It could have very well been a mix of both. Florida man Terry Leon Simmons was arrested after he was caught dealing cocaine while wearing a shirt that said “Coke” on the front.

According to reports, Terry Leon Simmons, was seen selling crack cocaine to a driver who pulled up outside of a convenience store a couple of blocks from his home. That driver was an undercover Florida detective.

At the time of the $40 transaction, Simmons was wearing a two toned blue shirt with red lettering on the front that said ‘COKE’ on the front.

Simmons was arrested and is facing charges of the sale and delivery of cocaine.

Court and prison records show that Simmons has repeatedly been convicted of possessing, purchasing, and selling cocaine. Since 1991, Simmons has spent a total of nearly 17 years in Florida prisons (in addition to significant time spent in county jails). He was most recently released from the state system in February, after spending more than three years in custody for cocaine possession and tampering with evidence.

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