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Florida woman August 22 Tammi Gough

Tammi Gough Drove To Police Station With Suspended License To Pick Up Car She Had Stolen, Gets Arrested And Smiles Big For Camera | August 22

Marion County: No regrets. Florida woman Tammi Gough arrested after driving with a suspended license to retrieve a car she had stolen earlier in the year.

Gough, 43, failed to retrieve the stolen car. She then drove to MCSO’s central office to complete her mandatory felon registration.

A detective at the central office recognized Gough and knew her license had been suspended, the release said. According to the sheriff’s office the woman’s license had been suspended 6 times.

The Sheriff’s Office wrote on its Facebook page: “Tammi seems to have cheered up a tad bit in the time between her arrest and booking photo. Next time, we recommend an Uber.”

Tammi Gough was arrested on charges of felony driving on a suspended or revoked license.

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