Sheldon Johnson | Florida Man June 12

Sheldon Johnson Was Arrested After Breaking Into Home, Being Held At Gunpoint By Homeowner Holding iPhone | June 12

Miami Beach: While we’ve heard of robbers use their fingers or other items to pretend to have a gun, it’s seldom heard that it was the victim that uses one. Florida man Sheldon Johnson was arrested after breaking into home and being held at gunpoint by homeowner holding iPhone.

According to the unidentified man the would be robber, Sheldon Johnson, attempted to break into his vehicle. The homeowner called 911 and then approached Johnson.

He pointed his iPhone at the robber, told him to lay down and held him there until police arrived. The man said this wasn’t the first time someone broke into his vehicle. His Mercedes was also broken into and ripped off in late May, but it remains unknown if the crimes are connected.

Johnson now faces several charges, including burglary, attempted grand theft auto and resisting arrest without violence.

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