Seth Z. Johnson | Florida Man June 10

Seth Z. Johnson Was Arrested After Setting A Church On Fire | June 10

Tallahassee: Religion is a point of contention for a number of people. When people choose to stop worshiping it’s generally enough to just stop showing up. Seth Z. Johnson is not that type of person.

According to reports Seth Z. Johnson was arrested in connection with a fire at the Co-Cathedral of St. Thomas Moore.

Investigators matched fingerprints from evidence found at the scene of the fire to Johnson. He was taken into custody by the Tallahassee Police department for questioning. The State Fire Marshal’s Bureau of Fire, Arson and Explosives investigators established probable cause for his arrest.

First responders were called to the church across from the Florida State campus on Wednesday. The interior of the church, including several pieces of ceremonial furniture and a section of the wall were scorched.

Johnson is currently facing charges of first degree arson, which carries a maximum sentence of 30 years. Court records show Johnson was arrested earlier this year on charges of trespassing and petty theft.

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