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Florida Man June 26 Ryan Downs

Ryan Downs Was Arrested For Giving Man Birthday Beats With A Cane, That Man Was His Father | June 26

Fort Lauderdale: Growing up my parents would encourage my siblings to give each other “birthday beats.” Usually just a playful kick on the bum or a joking knock on the shoulder. Maybe even a paddywhack or two. Florida man Ryan Downs took that too far when he beat his father with a cane on his birthday.

According to a Sebastian police arrest affidavit, witnesses saw Ryan Downs, 31, repeatedly punch and kick his father, Roger Downs, who was celebrating his 64th birthday.

What began as a verbal argument in an Uber took a violent turn upon their arrival at JJ Manning’s Irish Pub. Ryan Downs reached from the back seat to first strike his father, the Uber driver told police.

The attack escalated once they exited the vehicle, witnesses said. Roger Downs collapsed to the ground, and witnesses say his son continued “kicking the victim in the stomach and chest.” Ryan Downs then fled to the rear of the bar, but not before whiffing on a punch at a bystander who had intervened to help Roger Downs.

When police arrived they found the elder Downs with a bloodied elbow. His son was inebriated and expressed remorse, but wouldn’t say anything else. He was arrested and was charged with domestic battery.

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