Robert Steckenrider | Florida Man August 24

Robert Steckenrider Whips It Out And Touches Himself In Front Of Undercover Deputy, Deputy Whips Out Badge And Arrests Him | August 24

Naples: An 81-year-old man was arrested at a public park in East Naples on Thursday.  Police arrested Robert Steckenrider at Serenity Walk park in the 8000 block of Collier Boulevard after he exposed his genitals to a non-uniformed deputy.

According to reports, a deputy was patrolling the area after several complaints about men exposing themselves to people along the walking trails in the park.

Steckenrider was inside his parked 2011 Hyundai in front of the park and exited the car after a man got out of a different car and walked into the park.

The deputy later followed Steckenrider to the trail and found him standing in the trail with his hands in his pelvic area as if he was going to urinate, but did not acknowledge him.

The deputy continued to walk and Steckenrider followed with “ill intentions.” After the deputy continued onto a different trail, Steckenrider followed and exposed himself to the deputy.

Steckenrider began to perform sexual acts on himself while looking at the deputy in the eyes. The deputy then showed Steckenrider his badge and arrested him.

He then told deputies, “I admit, I made a mistake.”

Robert Steckenrider arrested on charges of indecent exposure.

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