Robert Kenneth Tyson | Florida Man June 21

Robert Kenneth Tyson Gets Off With Probation After Dispute With Co-Worker Turned Into Him Ejaculating In Her Water | June 21

Tallahassee: We’ve all had that co-worker who has annoyed us or gotten under our skin. While most of us would ignore them or make passive aggressive comments, Florida man Robert Kenneth Tyson had more disturbing plans.

Last year the man was arrested after it was discovered that he had ejaculated in his co-workers water bottle twice following disagreements he had with the woman. According to an arrest affidavit an officer was called to the Center for Dermatology where he made contact with the victim.

The victim said she believed that the man had placed semen in her water mug. She said she had noticed the water tasted off and when she removed the lid found a white substance floating at the top. A similar incident had happened to her the week before as well, when she noticed that her water had a strange taste.

The employer had reviewed security camera footage of the office and it was determined that on both occasions Robert Kenneth Tyson had tampered with her water mug. In both instances he was allegedly seen on camera looking around to ensure no one was looking. He then removed the lid from her water mug and dumped the contents of a small container into the mug before replacing the lid.

A few days after the videos were discovered by the employer, the man sent an email to them confessing that he had poured semen in her water bottle.

Tyson was recently sentenced to probation for one year and ordered to do 250 hours of community service.

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