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Robert Gaines Was Kicked Off Cruise And Dumped In Virgin Islands For Threatening Staff | June 17

Miami: It sounds like a win for customer service. A man threatens an employee and while people would generally say the customer is always right, it’s nice to know when management sides with the employee. Florida man Robert Gaines was on a cruise ship with his family when he began verbally abusing staff.

Apparently, it all sparked from a disagreement Robert Gaines had with a crew member regarding reservations to one of the ship’s shows.

Gaines admits that things did get heated. He claims that he made reservations for the show, but his name wasn’t on the list. When the worker refused to let him in, Gaines wasn’t happy. He said “Listen you idiot, I’m telling you right now that my family is in the show.”

The employee called a couple security guards to back him up. That’s when Gaines made a comment that “you better get more than a couple because I’m a big guy.”

While the incident ended without any physical altercation, Gaines provided a statement to security. The next morning, however, he claims that a security officer showed up at his cabin. He was informed that the captain decided that Gaines would have to disembark on the island of Tortola.

He then had to make his own travel accommodations in order to get home.

According to the Guest Conduct Police, the cruise line has a zero-tolerance policy aboard their fleet when it comes to inappropriate or discourteous behavior. Any guest that violates these policies is subject to removal from the ship by order of the captain and is responsible for all travel arrangement expenses incurred.

Let this be a lesson to you… the customer isn’t always right.

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