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Richard Lewis Was Furious After Being Dumped By Girlfriend, Tries To Poison Her Pickles With Lysol | June 21

Deland: Having a partner break up with you can be heart wrenching. While some people blast Taylor Swift and cry to get over the loss of a partner, others take more drastic measures. Florida man Richard Lewis was arrested after he attempted to poison his ex girlfriend using Lysol.

The incident started when neighbors called police after hearing an argument on Wednesday. Police arrived on the scene and noticed blood in the doorway and that a window had been broken.

Police said that, when they got to the home, it was in a state of disarray with the smell of bleach in the air and wine bottles and other items thrown about the room. It was discovered that Tiera Cotton had just broken up with her boyfriend, Richard Lewis. After the breakup, Lewis came back to the house to gather some of his belongings.

Once there, Lewis told police, he and Cotton began arguing about their breakup. The argument escalated and the two were soon kicking and pushing one another. Things escalated after Lewis left. He smashed a window with his hands and unlocked a door to attempt to get back inside the home. Cotton grabbed a knife to defend herself and began throwing wine bottles at the man.

She fled the home and went to a neighbors to call police.

Cotton told her mother that Lewis had bleached all of her clothes and also had put bleach in her juice and pickles. Cotton had drunk some of the pickle juice but immediately noticed that something wasn’t right and stopped drinking it. 

Lewis told police that he had been frustrated and had put Lysol into Cotton’s pickle juice in an attempt to poison her. He was arrested and charged with domestic violence battery, criminal mischief and poisoning a person’s food with intent to injure them.

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