Richard Earl McWilliams | Florida Man July 18

Florida Man July 18 Richard Earl McWilliams

Richard Earl McWilliams Pulls Brazen Robberies, Steals Over $100,000 From ATMs He’s Supposed To Load | July 18

Santa Rosa Beach: A Florida man was arrested after law enforcement officials say that he stole over $100,000 from ATMs while he was loading them. The man, Richard Earl McWilliams, is accused of stealing from ATMs across Okaloosa, Bay, Walton and Franklin Counties.

McWilliams was contracted to load 42 different ATMs throughout the region on a weekly or an “as needed” basis. The company started growing suspicious when they noticed a string of “Low to No Cash” errors on ATMs that he was supposed to be loading.

The company conducted an audit and discovered approximately $100,000 missing from several of their ATMs. The investigation went on for a year and it revealed that McWilliams made several cash deposits totaling over $100,000 during the same time frame as the suspected theft.

Richard Earl McWilliams was arrested and is facing a felony charge of organized fraud.

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